Kayla Painter interviewing Accü

Composer, producer and sound design artist Kayla Painter speaks to Netherlands born musician and recording artist Angharad van Rijswijk.

KP: Which planet in our solar system best describes your music, and why?

AVR: Probably Pluto, I know it was classified as a planet up until 2006 and then it was decided it was just a 'dwarf planet', having fun with other dwarf planets and its five moons, so it didn't get to be part of the solar system anymore. I choose Pluto because my music and the making of it is about having fun, doing its thing in the distance not dominating any neighbourhood, so to speak.

KP: If you could colonise a new planet what music would you take with you, and on what format?

AVR: Colonising a new planet sounds like hard and lonely work so for that reason I'd take all of Kevin Ayers, Can, Bridget St John, The Incredible String Band and a load of minimal techno. In case the wifi goes down, I'd best take it all on vinyl. 

KP: Any unusual inspiration you'd like to share? Poets, artists, philosophers ?

AVR: I don't know if this would count for an unusual inspiration but for fun I like to visually cut words out of books and collect them together in a load of notebooks. It helps me to think differently, taking me to places I wouldn't normally go. It aids my primal mind of what I want to communicate with myself or to others. I have notebooks everywhere with nonsensical texts inside them, but knowing that they're there ready for me to dive into is very comforting. 

KP: How have women in music stated to turn this show around? Because they/we totally have.

AVR: We are doing so in so many ways - in so many ways that I may forget to mention some important points here - but for me I think it was from being brought up knowing I could be whoever I wanted to be without judgment. To then face the big 'bad' world where some may think otherwise, well, it just doesn't fit in with your core belief, and so the natural response is to push on through. A major part of turning this around in my opinion is discussion and leading by example. Earlier this year I wrote a piece that was published in Wales Arts Review, 'Women in Music Tech; Satirical Sexism Gone Wrong'. In the article I describe my experiences and go on to explain how important discussion is and leading by example, whatever the weather, whatever the gender. It's helped a lot that certain things are much more accessible now than before for women. Things like music technology, platforms for discussion and the growing collective confidence of calling out wrongful behaviour, not just online but on the everyday personal level too. It's turning around but there's still plenty left to turn and confidence is a big part of that.

KP: If you could tour supporting one Spice Girl who would it be?

AVR: Probably Baby Spice, she isn't trying to scare anyone or make anyone feel un-posh or un-sporty. As for Ginger Spice, well she left the band, so she wouldn't be very reliable on tour I don't think. Sorry Geri.